About Dr. LaNysha T. Adams

As the future of work and higher education changes, people and organizations struggle to thrive.

Uncertainty about what that future will look like or what skills we'll need is abundant, which means planning for our futures can feel impossible.

My work helps people, learning institutions, and companies thrive in this uncertainty through customized solutions and approaches built around our individual and collective knowledge of self and principled action, also known as Me Power.

I share insights, strategies, and tips to prepare for the uncertainties of today’s world in Me Power , The 3-31 (Our) Me Power Blog/Newsletter, and through my award-winning coaching and consulting firm. At Edlinguist Solutions, my greatest accomplishment has been individually coaching nearly 100 graduate students to successfully complete their degrees. 

When I’m not working, I love connecting with old and new friends, spending quality time with my husband and two sons, and traveling. I’m 5 states away from 50!

Where to dive in further?

What I Offer: Bold Engagement

Drawing on my background in teaching English to speakers of other languages, I’ve successfully applied blended instructional design techniques and methodologies using multiple virtual and face-to-face delivery methods, including e-learning, classroom-based workshops, and interactive webinars.

My work history over the past 20 years includes designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating initiatives across a variety of contexts and leading the research design, analysis, and reporting of findings to various stakeholders – from the classroom to the C-suite.

If you’re looking for a high-energy and engaging presentation or workshop, I can deliver.

I’ve presented for high schools, community colleges, universities, and organizations, including the College Board, the Ford Foundation, India’s largest Study Abroad Fest, and the National Science Foundation. I’ve had the opportunity to speak for a variety of audiences and deliver information in a variety of formats from keynote addresses at large conferences to working with small groups of individuals.

You want students or employees to unleash the power within to make things happen in ways they haven’t thought of yet.

I offer interactive, high-level content to help students and employees do just that. Whether they are students in high school or executives in the C-suite, members of my audience leave rave reviews that an experience with me is “super energetic and in the moment!” and “packed with information that is useful right away.”

The Results Speak for Themselves

"Dr. Adams is a trifecta of success! First, she clearly demonstrates her expertise by smoothly interweaving theory-research-practice connections. Second, she understands who her audience is by presenting this knowledge in ways that novices and experts alike in the discipline can grasp the research topics. Third, she is ever the pro at keeping her presentation student-centered, building upon questions and comments that come from those listeners; this final point emphasizes her comfort with her work by not sticking to a prepared script but rather moving with the flow of the room."
Drew Fagan Ph.D
Associated Clinical Professor, University of Maryland
“Dr. Adams’ session was an absolute hit, and we've had nothing but positive feedback from the students and faculty who attended! We were very pleased with the turnout and engagement during the event. With 3,000 students from 15 countries, we hope to have her return next year.”
Vaibhav Gupta
Alliances & Marketing Head, iSchool Connect