Four centuries later, it’s time for a
better definition of empower.

Hi, I’m Dr. LaNysha Adams

Author of Me Power. Speaker at universities, companies, and events. Founder of Edlinguist Solutions.

With 20 years in education research roles at the high school, university, school district, and state levels, I am on a mission to revolutionize the way people learn by co-creating the tools and resources they need to lead their own development. I argue that the heart of all learning, within and beyond school, is Me Power. 

My top strength of authentic connectedness has made me a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. I’ve presented at high schools, community colleges, universities, and organizations such as the College Board and the Ford Foundation. At Edlinguist Solutions, my greatest accomplishment has been helping nearly 100 graduate students finish their degrees faster and with less debt. When I’m not working, I love connecting with old and new friends, spending quality time with my family, and traveling. I’m 6 states away from 50!

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Me Power (New Degree Press) by Dr. Adams Coming September 2022!

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Coming September 2022! ​

Me Power (New Degree Press) by Dr. Adams

(Our) Me Power is a play on words that is meant to get us thinking about the power we each have within. I believe that humans are on planet earth to choose how we use Me Power to improve our lives and uplift one another. 

Nothing can hold you back if you have a purpose shaped by self-understanding and fueled by what I call Me Power, the true meaning of empower. When faced with challenges in life, it’s easy to forget just how much power you have. That’s where The 3-31 comes in. The 3-31 is a collection of encouraging and provocative reminders that you have more power than you think.

Each issue of The 3-31 includes inspiring stories about people who have overcome adversity, tips for tapping into Me Power, and reminders that your greatest strength comes from within. (Our) Me Power is the perfect pick-me-up when you need a little boost.

On Wednesday, at least three times a month, you’ll receive three inspirational jolts you can read in 31 seconds.

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Work With Me

I’ve had the opportunity to speak for a variety of audiences and deliver information in a variety of formats from keynote addresses at large conferences to facilitating workshops with smaller groups. 

Drawing on my background in teaching English to speakers of other languages, I’ve been successful in applying blended instructional design techniques and methodologies using multiple virtual and face-to-face delivery methods including e-learning, classroom-based workshops, and interactive webinars. My work history over the past 20 years includes designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating initiatives across a variety of contexts and leading the research design, analysis, and reporting of findings to various stakeholders – from the classroom to the C-suite. 

If you’re looking for a high-energy and engaging presentation or workshop, I can deliver. I’ve presented for high schools, community colleges, universities, and organizations including the College Board, the Ford Foundation, India’s largest Study Abroad Fest, and the National Science Foundation. You want students or employees to unleash the power within to make things happen in ways they haven’t thought of yet. I offer interactive, high-level content to help students and employees do just that. Members of my audience, whether they are students in high school or the C-suite, leave rave reviews that an experience with me is “super energetic and in the moment!” and “packed with information that is useful right away.” Let’s put your date on hold to have me speak at your next event. Click to find out more about how we might work together. 

For a 5-star presentation experience with an engaging storyteller and award-winning educator, choose Dr. Adams.

Monica Brooker, Ph.D., Columbia University

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Check Out Dr. Adams’ Blog: The 3-31

Check Out Dr. Adams’ Blog: The 3-31